Quick Real Time Interviews with Industry Experts

Experience success in every interview! Unlock insights to elevate your interview game and secure your dream job.

​Freshers / Entry Level Professionals

₹ 500

(Professionals with Zero to 1 Year Experience) Prepare for success in just 15-30 minutes! Get interview-ready in a flash with our Quick Mock Interview. Face real scenarios, receive instant feedback guided by industry experts, and be set for success in your job hunt!
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Intermediate Professionals - 1 Year To 5 Years Of Experience

₹ 700

(Professionals with 1 year to 5 years experience) Take a personalized 15-30 minute mock interview led by domain experts to gain exclusive insights to excel in real-world interviews. Uncover your strengths and elevate your interview performance?
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​Managers Or 5 Years To 18 Years Of Experience

₹ 1000

(Professionals who are working as Managers or with 5 year to 18 years experience) "Navigate your managerial journey confidently and propel your career forward. Gain exclusive insights with a 15-30 minute mock interview led by domain experts—discover where you stand and excel in real interviews.
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Executive Management Or 18+ Years Experience

₹ 4000

(C-Suite Executives or all professionals with 18+ years experience) Elevate your executive journey with exclusive insights from C-Suite leaders. Experience a personalized 30-45 minute mock interview, designed for professionals with 18+ years of experience. Receive instant feedback and gain a profound understanding of your standing in the executive landscape.
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60-minutes - Personalized Interview Coaching Program

₹ 6000

A quick refresher 60-minute interview eCoaching on video/Skype or one on one suitable for beginner, seasoned and experienced professionals that still want a competitive edge.
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​90-minutes - Personalized Interview Coaching Program

₹ 10000

90-minute interview eCoaching on video or one on one, suitable for beginner, seasoned and experienced professionals that need the time to properly prepare for the job.
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