10 Dec 2023 • 12:01 PM

Test Event

Your event may be brilliant, but no one else will know that unless you

Why does an event description matter?

No matter how authentic your description is, it’s still only content. When you present an event description that is well-designed and eye-catching and pair your content strategy with in-person events you are organising, both tactics will be more effective and will result in an increase in your event attendance.

Events, by their very nature, are about connections. Through your bright event description, you can boost attendance, sponsorship, or hosting of an event; make new connections; or strengthen the old ones. Learn how to write an event description that will attract the media’s attention.

Elements and requirements for an event description.

There are infinite ways to add creativity and personalisation to your event. Nevertheless, here are the necessary elements for writing an event description:

The five W’s of your event:

  • What: What is the name of the event? What benefits can guests expect?
  • Who: Who is hosting the event?
  • When: When will the event take place?
  • Where: What is the venue of the event?
  • Why: Why is the event being held? Why should guests come?

In addition, you should include a captivating picture in your description as well as keywords or actionable hashtags to make it searchable on social media.

There are also many ways you can phrase your event description, and the choice of wording is mostly determined by the communication’s intention: encouraging the recipient to take part in communication, establishing and maintaining business contacts, building interpersonal relationships between communicants (appreciation, presentation, or exhibition), or just having a good time (ball or banquet).