I am graduating this year; how do I present myself in a campus interview?

In a campus interview/job interview, a self-introduction plays a vital role to create the first and the best impression on the interviewers.

A self-introduction speech gives the first imprint about you and it stays in the mind of those people who are your audience.

One of the most common questions to initiate a generic interview is “Tell me something about yourself”.

Now, this can be a little bit tricky, while answering you need to make sure that you are not parroting of mugging up. They just simply ask you an open-ended question and by answering this you are giving them further options to build a list of queries the recruiters can ask you.

We would suggest that you should not offer inadequate information concerning your hobbies and home life. A decent response to this question is about two minutes long and emphasis on work-related skills and accomplishments. You could designate your education and work history and then mention one or two personal character traits and express the interviewer how the traits helped you accomplish a task at school or work.

The question sounds easy as you know all about yourself, but presentation matters. Giving a good answer in the context of a job interview can be stressful and a bit complicated.

In general terms, you have often heard – Tell me about yourself, but sometimes interviewers might have their versions of this question but mean the same-
· Walk me throughout your experiences:· I would like to hear more about your journey:· Can you elaborate a bit more about your background?

Conclusion :

The response should provide all the necessary information about you and should be simple as well as impressive. It should be focused on articulating your history, strength, and skills in a way that illustrates how you are the ideal position for the required position.

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