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Top highest trending jobs in India : Year 2020 – 2025

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Job Trends in India, how and what jobs in India will be trending in 2020 – 2025?

The recent past years in the Indian job market have shown a great decline in new jobs in many sectors, including Automobile (about 16%), BFSI (23%), and Construction (14%). A steep decline in new jobs in the auto sector will continue to stay as a passenger and commercial vehicle sales have witnessed incessant fall. The slowdown in the Indian economy has left its marks in the BFSI sector too, as per the recent RBI reports.

New employment opportunities in India are adversely impacted due to the economic slowdown as nearly 15 lakh fewer jobs are projected to be created in the financial year 2020 compared to 89.7 lakh new jobs in the financial year 2019 (as per the EPFO data).

However, few sectors, including Mobile, Infrastructure, Technology, IT, eCommerce, and BPOs will continue to bring smiles to job seeker faces. But, job seekers even after holding a robust supporting experience will have to settle down on lesser annual payouts. The pharmaceutical and Telecom sectors shall see reinforcement. Job trends in India are likely to be increased in Funded Startups in IT, Technology, and Marketing.

Employment in India is currently trending for Data Scientists, Machine Learning Experts, IOS and Android Technologists, Healthcare and Pharmaceutical professionals. Technological advancements and social media influence recruitment practices in HR displayed a shift too from traditional hiring and employment choices.

Recruitment and hiring trends in the Indian job market from an HR perspective are more focused now towards:

1. Social media hiring, includes: LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram, etc.

2. Recruitment of candidates with multiple skill-sets

3. Remote Working (work from home) or Contract hiring in Real Estate, Facility Management, and Health Insurance sectors.

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