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Professional/unprofessional RESUME: Is it easy to identify a competent candidate?

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Whereas we understand Resume is the first document which is available for screening the right candidate, however, it has become really difficult and complicated now to locate the right person.

Candidates get their resumes done with various Resume Writing Professional Companies who most of the time copy and paste the details/job descriptions from google or their internal resume database.

We have witnessed interviews with many candidates who get their resumes professionally done, but sometimes unable to represent the same in a face-to-face discussion.

I do not even understand why they would make it too verbose with so many details mentioned. Probably they assume that an HR professional will read the resume word by word and then decide whether to shortlist or not.

However, the case is that recruiters need the resume just to find out whether the candidate fits into the open slot or not. He will decide to call up the candidate to have face to face discussion which will be completely based on the ongoing conversation and job requirements. I don’t see many HR professionals even referring to the Resumes while in interviews.

It eventually does not help, specifically, HR professionals to screen the candidate and identify whether he/she is a good match or not for any titled position.

This initial screening process unnecessary results in costing a lot of money, time, and effort for companies. Organizations would use ATS, hire consultancies or pay money to several job boards to just identify a few candidates, which really has no replacement as of now apart from the LinkedIn profile.

Candidates at least cannot fake their profile on LinkedIn, however, there is a professional writing service available in the market to design LinkedIn content. Still, it helps in terms of identifying the candidacy of any profile.

Is there any way or advice for the candidate on how should they design the resume?

Normally a 1 page or maximum 2-page resume for any profile from any industry just conveying the fact or probably 3-4 lines quantitative/qualitative deliverable for each organization they worked for up to last 5-6 years would reduce the time of screening the right candidate.

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