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Make your International career in Middle East/UAE

dubai, city, street

International jobs in Middle East/UAE?

Middle East region (especially UAE) in the past 10 years has emerged as the first preference for jobs for several candidates from all across the world. It is due to some of the prominent factors which include – Handsome Pay Package, Cultural Diversity and an Appropriate Respect from Employers to a Talented Candidate, may it any domain/sector either Government Jobs, Oil & Gas, Industrial Engineering, Sales & Marketing, Banking & Finance or IT (Administration/Networking).

There are several platforms available to identify the right opportunity for a candidate, including Prestigious Job Portals, Recruitment Agencies, and Direct Employer’s International Recruitment Departments.

Still, it is difficult for candidates, to get hold of appropriate opportunities since it’s not easy to find a reliable source to promote the profile due to lack of information and unawareness about recruitment practices ongoing in the Middle East market.

There are several placement agencies spread across places, who charge a good amount of service charges and fees to introduce the candidate in the Middle Eastern market, which is also not feasible all the time. And recruitment frauds too take place because of this reason, wherein a candidate ends up paying somewhere between USD $ 700 to USD $1600 and above to land on a job which they never expected or to get nothing out of it.

Let’s brainstorm some of the simplest processes with CAREER INSECT for you to get hold of a good and relevant opportunity based on your profile without making great efforts and spending a huge amount of money.

Before you start, you just need to make sure that make yourself and your profile EXTROVERT by saying this on all the sources:

“Hey, my name is ……, I hold (1, 5, 10, 15 and so on Years) of experience in (this domain) and I am actively searching for the jobs to explore new opportunities in the industry as well as to deliver what I have learned from all of my experiences.”

Now, assume your CV/Resume conveys this message to 1000’s people again and again who are in search of good candidates. (But, you also need to ensure that your CV is impeccably written with all information rightly placed on it. Recruiters don’t have enough time to go through the entire CV to shortlist a profile, they take a quick decision, whether to select or reject a profile.). You need to follow the below-mentioned steps to increase the visibility of your CV:

1. Identify reputed job portals and upload your 100% profile, put the right filters with all the required keywords, so these job portals can show relevant jobs in your profile to select and apply.

2. Identify reputed Consultants/Recruitment Agencies and upload your 100% profile, put right filters with all the required keywords, so these job portals can show relevant jobs in your profile to select and apply. (Remember to not pay them, if anyone calls saying that they can boost your profile’s visibility.)

3. Search for Employers you want to work with, and submit your CV to them so as and when they run a search in their database, your profile can be picked up.

If you pay attention and do these applications appropriately, then stay assured to get better opportunities in your email without spending huge money. We have observed these sorts of application services have more than an 80% success rate.

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