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Is Writing A Long Job Descriptions On Resume Helps You Get A Better Opportunity?

Is Writing A Long Job Descriptions On Resume Helps You Get A Better Opportunity?

Well the answer is NO.

Why somebody, like a busy recruiter, would read the long narrated work history of a candidate to understand whether the profile is a fit or not. It is really hard to understand that why it is job seekers clutter their resumes with the entire end-to-end accountability to convey their day-to-day duties under each experience.

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Are they really think that a recruiter will read these sort of resumes word by word? Trust me they will not, it will be only thrown into the bin?

We are all aware of the fact that whenever there is a job rolled out in the industry for a specific job position, it precisely includes the below points.

1. Title Designation

2. Reporting Structure

3. Scope of Work and Job Description

Now it’s a common fact that every job is rolled out with the type of responsibility a potential candidate will carry out in their daily routine, then what is the point of re-writing the entire stuff again on the resume.

Recruiters know what an employee with a particular designation in an organization will be doing in their daily job so there is no point making the resume too wordy with a lot of tasks that you manage on a daily basis.

Resumes in the recruitment field are defined in three main categories

1. Wordy?

2. Vague?

3. Both?

Further, the explanation comes as

The wordy job seeker may come across as overbearing, leaving the employer to question. “Will this person be a team player?” To be very honest, nobody can help this sort of Jobseekers.

The vague job seeker may sound hesitant, leaving the employer to wonder, “Does this person really want the job?”

Resumes that omit information may raise unwarranted red flags in the employer’s mind.

There is a fine balance between telling too much and telling too little. Believe it or not, wordy and vague resumes may leave the impression of being disingenuous or arrogant, neither of which wins interviews.

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