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5 ways : How to design an effective & job winning resume?

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Organizations across the world look for a candidate who brings along dedication, innovation, and change. Better be careful while creating your virtual image on your CV.

Think you are selling yourself, and brainstorm on what all are those things which can make people like your cover page, so you can drive their mind to at least speak to you. The layout should be keyword search-friendly – It is noticed that recruiters search the resume with specific keywords to identify your experience and knowledge on a particular field.

  • For example, if I type your name on the search window in Google then it will show more than a million results. Now how do we make sure that you should at least come on the first page so people can open and have a look?
  • So simply, if the recruiter would be looking at your profile first, then there will major chances of shortlisting your profile

Research your past career and interests, reasons, which made you continue to grow in the field. It is essential that you recollect all your strengths that have been delivered to each of the organizations you worked for. Understand the recruiter’s need, industry value, and culture.

You can always display quantifiable results on the first page of a resume to attract a recruiter.

Recruiters are not interested in reading through your job description and day-to-day task because these are not important as they already know what you would be doing in your day-to-day professional life. It is well mentioned in the job description when they hire you through advertisement.

It should rather include what did you bring to the company and what can you bring to the new employer if they hire you.

The last thing to keep in mind that, it is your resume, not a biography, too long and cluttered resumes are never of interest as nobody has got time to read through the history to hire/shortlist a candidate. Simply they are shortlisting you so in the next phase you can explain your skills face to face.

A resume should be diminutive, evocative, and results-driven.

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