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5 Popular Reasons: Why You Should Update a LinkedIn Profile Today?

Why You Should Update your LinkedIn Profile?

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LinkedIn profiles have become a source to keep up abreast with the latest happening in the business world. With its launch in the year 2003, it has been serving as a major tool to connect professionals on this platform. However, the fake LinkedIn profiles have reduced the value of this platform, which serves as a hassle for the eligible candidates.

For this, the employers can screen the entire career history of the profile, inquire about the concerned person from the companies mentioned, scroll through their connections, etc. This helps the employers to identify genuine profiles. For example, if the candidate is a writer, HR can ask about the blog links or their Sample work. Here are five significant reasons to update it:

1.To Surface in the Top Results

It has become important to update the profile in order to allocate oneself to the top searches of the week. This will help the companies to watch over the profiles in order to take the decision to call and hire for the work in their industry. According to the research, nearly 97% of the recruiters use LinkedIn to find an appropriate candidate. It becomes necessary to add full information, work, and images to one’s profile.

2. Increases Source of Networking

Nearly, 36% of the job seekers are reportedly using LinkedIn profiles in order to appear in the prospective searches on a daily basis. This will help the companies to connect with the concerned person. One can find new clients, help other people from various fields or find a job opportunity through job posts and links. The employees and employers can join various LinkedIn groups, carry out discussions on particular topics or even post their write-ups in order to get reviews.

3. Increases Online Presence

LinkedIn has more than 300 million members present on the professional social network platform. With the latest updates in the profile, a particular person’s name is highlighted in the weekly searches or suggestions. This serves as a great opportunity to connect with prospective candidates or with good companies across the nation.

4. Personalized Brand

A prominent way to brand yourself as a prospective candidate is to make extensive use of your LinkedIn profile in an appropriate manner. A professionally well-designed profile tends to fetch more results as it inculcates all the essential keywords being utilized in recruitment searches. The provision of full information with details about the skill, education, previous work, etc. makes an impact on the employers.

It provides guided outlines to present oneself in a great way so this platform serves as an employee’s image to the employers. It is seen that nearly 80% of the employers assess the candidates LinkedIn profile prior to taking a call for recruitment or face to face interview screening.

5. Helps in Getting a New Job

After receiving the CV of a person, the first thing recruiters do is check their LinkedIn profile. The online presence of a person puts an impact on employers nowadays. They check out the recent work, add-on skills, any freshly received degree or diploma, interests, activities, and much more. It should be kept in mind that the CV details should match LinkedIn details in most of the areas defined on the professional networking site.

Finally, updating LinkedIn profile serves a great purpose as it helps the person or present employees to switch on to influential companies. The fresher with unbeatable skills also make a place for themselves in the remarkable companies.

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